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The Gift I receive from this blessed work is feeling, seeing and hearing about the improvements after a massage session. That is the ultimate Gift of Gratitude! I welcome and appreciate any and all feedback, as it helps me grow and improve my Gift to you!

"In a city teaming with LMP’s, Holly is a rare find. I have gone to her for several years, with tweaky, quirky injuries, and she is able to get right in there. Often the relief is unnoticeable until 24 hours later, which means it is on a connective tissue level. She is super present, moves like an agile cat, and adjusts her touch and technique to you as an individual."

-Kendra W.


"My shoulder has been making slow but steady recover since I injured it almost 6 weeks ago. My husband recommended I see Holly and after just one session it felt like somewhat of a miracle. I don’t know what she did but afterward I enjoyed so much more mobility and so much less pain. Thanks for making a difference."
-Martha B.


"(Regular massage has been a big part of my program to deal with Chronic Pain. As an athlete with many old injuries compounded with multiple car accidents, massage is important to maintain flexibility and quality of life.) When a former provider was unable to continue my treatments, she enthusiastically recommended Holly. I have found Holly not only to be completely knowlegable with the body but also a highly intelligent, compassionate provider. I feel confident that when I go to get treatment, she remembers my specific needs and always goes above and beyond. It is a godsend to have a provider who truly is concerned with your health and improvement."
-Dave B.


“I really do appreciate your skills as a massage therapist and your kindness as a person. You make me feel totally comfortable. I have had many massages in my day, but few compare to your ability to connect your talents with the needs of the person. After our visit today, I left feeling centered, connected, relaxed and appreciated. I feel lucky to have found your talent."
-Glen L.


"Resulting from a recent car accident I got a referral from respected sources to Holly Gross LMP among others. The reason why I chose Holly was it was clear from my first encounter she displayed an extensive knowledge about the prescribed treatment specific to my injuries. I also felt anxiety and panic about my condition, and she made me feel safe and confident with her approach. I feel that her treatment really has opened the pathway for my body to heal, and has made a drastic improvement in my ability to function and work. Ms. Gross clearly has an over-extending knowledge of the human body and I think she keeps up on the most current innovations in therapeutic massage and healing. I am forever grateful for her work."
-James N.


"Calm, strong, and balanced – that’s how I feel after a massage from Holly Gross. After one session, I was so inspired I went out and ran five miles…in the dark and rain! At 58, I’m able to thumb my nose a bit at the aging process with regular conditioning, aerobic exercise, good eating, and twice-a-month massages. I’ve never felt better. Holly focuses on areas of ache or gives an overall massage that just makes you feel fabulous. The low lights, warm room and table, and floaty music create a cherished hour of self-care that we all need in this stressful world. Thanks Holly. Bring on the ’60’s!"                                                

-Wendy M.


"Holly not only gives great massages, but creates a wonderful atmosphere of support and relaxation. She is totally focused while massaging, which makes a huge difference. She can alter her style to suit one’s needs, and accommodates quiet or music. I highly, highly recommend Holly!"
-Stephen K.


"Holly has consistently and enthusiastically provided high-quality massage services. I highly recommend her for her professional, yet approachable personality and her excellent skills as a therapist."
-Lora B.


"Holly’s massages have saved me many times over the past few years. Her work is deep and effective when I need specific injury work, especially on my soccer legs and hips. She was great in adapting her work to meet my gentler post-knee surgery needs and also does amazing upper back and shoulder work, which is always a bonus to any other work I ask for. Holly is great at reading my body and often releases areas of tension that I didn’t even know were there. Her massage space is a delight to be in and I enjoy the sweet touches to my massages like a super-cozy table. I always feel better, looser, lighter after a massage with Holly and recommend her to my own clients whenever I can."
-Katy Canete


"Holly is a caring, warm therapist who provides great massages that gently eases tension and melts stress. I thoroughly enjoy her massages and I always leave feeling more integrated and grounded. I recommend her highly!"
-Sunny K.

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