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Medical Treatment (insurance)

$40/unit (4 units per 1hr)

PIP (motor vehicle injury) and LNI (work related injury)

Wellness Care (non-insurance)

$120 1hr / $160 90 min / $220 2hr

wellness rates are discounted for payment at time of service

Offerring $20 off your first massage through 2023!

Regular massage helps decrease pain and tension, break the cycle of chronic headaches and migraines, improve sleep, calm anxiety and depression, increase mobility and encourage immune system efficiency...

to name a few...

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Change is constant. I believe having more tools to help adapt to what arises is essential. Aside from facilitating intuitive pain and stress relief, some of the other trained modalities I utilize include:









60 minute packages

Package of 3 = $345 (total savings $15 / $5 off each massage)

Package of 6 = $690 (total savings $60 / $10 off each massage)

90 minute packages

Package of 3 = $465 (total savings $15 / $5 off each massage)
Package of 6 = $900 (total savings $60 / $10 off each massage)

Packages must be used within 3-6 months, per package duration purchased





Gift certificates are available for purchase for 60, 90, or 120 min For purchase, click on the button above   

Gift certificates must be used within 1 month of purchase


Referral Rewards:

For each person you refer who schedules an appointment with Banyan Massage, you will save $10 at your next appointment 

I appreciate your referrals! 


Birthday Benefits:

Receive $10 off, available only 5 days before or after your birthday

Birthday massage is the best!






If using insurance,

please click on the appropriate link below:


PIP/Auto Accident

L&I/Worker's Compensation

Mobile Massage:

Chair massage is a great way to spice up your work event or staff appreciation day, family or friend celebration, fundraiser, birthday party, the ideas are endless really. Events can last anywhere from 2-6 hours and are typically $150/hr with discount for multiple hours

Contact Holly for details

425-829-4348 or

  •       Deep Tissue

  •       Injury Treatment

  •       Trigger Point Therapy

  •       Myofascial Release

  •       Chinese Cupping Therapy 

  •       Swedish Relaxation 

  •       Aroma Therapy 

  •       Prenatal

  •       Sports Massage 

  •       Passive and Active Stretching

  •       Lymphatic Drainage Facilitation

*Cash or Check Preferred*

Venmo, PayPal and Square available for using cards


*Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full wellness rate for the time of service scheduled*

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