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Were you recently in a car accident?


- Do you have motor vehicle insurance?

- Does your plan include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits?

- Do you have an open claim of which you have not exhausted your allowed medical expenses? (other forms of billed therapy apply to total allowed expenses)

- Do you have a prescription for massage therapy from your healthcare provider?


Car accidents typically include whip lash which can contribute to a multitude of other disfunctions in the body. Skilled massage is effective in getting you back to pre-injury state of being. I know it can feel overwhelming, it's a process and I'm happy to help if you have questions along the way. 

Massage speeds up recovery time after an injury, while transforming pain and limitation into function and ease of movement, so that you can get back to life: Pre-Injury.

I have been through the process myself. I empathize with the pain and anxiety that can accompany a car accident. In my experience, I found massage to be the pivital point of transformation in my recovery.

Third Party Reimbursement (not your own PIP):


Third party reimbursement means that you will not be using your own personal injury protection (PIP) benefits through your insurance company but rather the at fault party's insurance will be covering your medical expenses if and when a settlement is decided in your favor. 

Do to the uncertainty and timely matter of this procedure,


Banyan Massage requires payment at time of service for each treatment. Invoice and chart notes available upon request.  

*If you're using your own PIP coverage, you will be responsible to pay any claims rejected by your insurance company so it is important to check your benefits and be sure you do not exhaust them before finishing all accident related treatments.*


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